At Cornerstone Academy, we believe that we are created to glorify God.  

As a Christian school, our primary goal is to partner with parents in helping their 

children grow up to impact the world for Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone.   

All Cornerstone Academy teachers utilize components of Whole Brain Teaching.  This is an instructional approach which involves key words, gestures, games, and humor to engage all parts of the brain during instruction. Students learn concepts much more easily than through a traditional teaching approach.

STEAM integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Through this approach, students learn how all things are related to each other, whether in school or in life outside of school.

At Cornerstone Academy, we embrace the belief that leadership and ministry skills are best developed through observation and practice.  Each middle school student is assigned to a teacher-directed leadership group.  The groups create a school environment in which all students have a voice and a sense of belonging.  

Student Leadership Groups are responsible for planning and implementing chapel services, for designing sets and props for school programs, for assisting younger students with challenging academic tasks, and for choosing and facilitating activities for the entire school.  Our groups empower student leaders while fostering a learning environment in which God is glorified and learning is fun.

As Cornerstone Academy students are growing toward discipleship, they are focused on

character growth which glorifies God. We target the following 

Cornerstone Character traits:


  • Choosing words and actions that demonstrate reverence for God
  • Valuing and serving one another in love in an intentional way


  • Considering all of our time, talents, expertise, and resources as belonging to God
  • Seeking to use each of these gifts to glorify God and to bless and inspire others


  • Approaching life with excitement and energy; feeling alive and inspired; being fully present
  • Actively participating with a spirit of innovation and inspiring others


  • Finishing what one starts; completing something despite obstacles; being both persistent and resilient
  • Focusing on the task at hand, working independently when needed, and trying hard even after experiencing failure


  • Regulating what one feels and does in order to be self-disciplined enough to finish each task with integrity and with excellence
  • Being characterized by coming to class prepared, paying attention and resisting distractions, remembering to follow directions quickly, and starting work quickly rather than procrastinating


  • Remaining calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked; keeping temper in check
  • Being polite to adults, peers, and cross-age students


  • Expecting the best and working to achieve it
  • Getting over frustrations and setbacks quickly; believing that effort will improve future experiences and results


  • Choosing thankfulness as a way of life and as the lens through which to view the world
  • Recognizing and demonstrating appreciation to others


  • Being aware of motives and feelings of other people and oneself, including the ability to reason within large and small groups
  • Demonstrating respect for the feelings of others, knowing when and how to include others, and finding solutions during conflicts with others


  • Taking an interest in experiencing and learning new things as the end result
  • Being eager to explore new things, asking and answering questions to deepen understanding, and actively listening to others